Linda Hogan Gets Busted for Drinking and Driving

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Linda Hogan has been a bad girl. The former reality star was arrested for drinking and driving on Thursday morning in Malibu. She was pulled over by a cop and taken to the police station where she was booked for driving while drunk. But she was released a few hours later after she paid a $5,000 bail.

In addition to drinking champagne before she drove, she also took her medication prescribed for an e-coli infection. Tisk tisk, Linda. It is never a good idea to mix alcohol with medicine.

It is kind of interesting that Linda Hogan got arrested for drinking and driving the same day her ex-husband’s sex tape was released. Could she have been drinking because of that? She’s been divorced from the Hulkster for quite some time, but perhaps it reminded her of all the times he was unfaithful to her during their marriage. Linda Hogan Arrested for DUI

Hopefully, Linda will get this whole mess taken care of and avoid breaking the law again. She’s too old to be getting pulled over for driving under the influence and she should know better.

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