Linda McMahon Quits WWE for Senate Run

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Sixty year old Linda McMahon has stepped down from her job as CEO of the WWE to put her hat into the ring (yeah, that was a pun) for the Republican Senate seat in Connecticut. She’ll be up against incumbent Christopher Dodd, and while I know I recognize that name from somewhere, my memory is failing me as to why.

I’ve been meaning to get back to blogging for a while now, but it was going to have to be something big to pull me out of my unofficial retirement. Thought the Kanye West/ Taylor Swift tiff might have done it, but Linda McMahon running for Senate really got my blood boiling.

Whose bright idea was this, Linda McMahon or her wrestler-turned-mogul husband Vince? We should all know by now that professional wrestling is the domain of either the prepubescent or the brain-dead, but now Linda McMahon believes that running this wet mess of “entertainment” is just the kind of experience needed to help run our failing nation?

I mean, WWE is all about overindulged egos packed within 300 lbs of steroid infused bodies, yelling at each other over made up beefs that have no bearing on the real world around us. Is Linda McMahon, someone who has been making money off this kind of manufactured discord for years now, really someone we want to inject into our already fractured political system? If you answer yes, this is just the kind of thing we need, then I posit you, you are exactly what’s wrong with us as a species. We’re supposed to be electing leaders, not entertainers into office.

S o there you have it, Linda McMahon is running for Senate. And while I doubt it will make our nation a better place, it should at least make the Senate a more entertaining place when suddenly senators start pile-driving each other when they don’t agree on a bill. Hell, I might even dust off ol’ CSPAN to watch their antics now…

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