Lindsay Binegar, Ohio teenager buys house – college videos (YouTube)

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Earlier I read an interesting story from The Columbus Dispatch about Ohio teenager Lindsay Binegar.  The girl who is now 19, was able to buy a home not too long ago.  It’s something many of us strive to do in our mid to late twenties, or even later, yet Lindsay achieved it much earlier.  How’d she do it?  Rich parents, right?  Big inheritance from a long-lost relative?  Nope, she did it by good ol’ fashioned saving.

According to the article, Lindsay is just a habitual saver.  She won prize money for showing off the family hogs at various events.  Eventually, little bits of money here and there added up in her bank account.  She’d been saving since just 4 years old and at age 18, decided to splurge, buying herself a four-bedroom, two-bath home, complete with two garage.  She paid for it in full, in cash.  It goes to show that every little penny saved really does add up.

The idea to buy the house was her dad’s, since Lindsay was looking for some way to invest the money she had saved.  He’s an auctioneer and was in charge of the auction she bought the home at.  It required a little fixing up, but was worth it.  Lindsay is currently an Ohio University local college student, and commutes to the nearby college.  Her goal is to become a teacher and graduate college in three years.

Interestingly enough, Lindsay Binegar doesn’t even live in the home she bought.  Instead, she rents it out to relatives, and saves the money earned.  The goal will be to buy a “real house” for herself and future husband, up on a hill.  Not bad for a teenager when most are spending their money on designer jeans, movie tickets and iTunes.

Check out the Lindsay Binegar story here at The Columbus Dispatch.  Also found these two YouTube videos below where Lindsay discusses her college choice and plans briefly.

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