Lindsay Lohan $46K Unpaid Hotel Bill Gets Her Banned For Life

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Lindsay Lohan will not be going to the Chateau Marmont Hotel anytime soon. The red-haired actress has been banned from entering the hotel for not paying the $46,350.04 she owed them. Oh, Lindsay…haven’t you learned by now that you have to pay your bills?

The general manager of the hotel said that he repeatedly asked her to pay the money she owed for the 47 days she stayed there, but Lindsay never payed up. They finally got sick of her and ordered her to get out of the hotel by August 1 and never come back.

Lindsay certainly racked up quite a bill while she stayed at the swanky hotel. In addition to the room charges, she spent $3,145.07 at the mini-bar, $686 on cigarettes and $1,992.07 at the Chateau restaurant. She is quite the spender, isn’t she?

So why didn’t she pay her bill? The 26-year-old claims it was because she thought the producers of Liz & Dick were covering the bill. She admitted that she was shocked when she found out how much her bill was.

lohan 2Nobody is buying Lindsay’s excuses. If she really thought her producers were covering the bill, she should have talked to them when management was repeatedly requesting payment from her. She should not have just stayed in the hotel thinking that she wouldn’t have to pay the hotel any money. The Mean Girls actress needs to realize that she doesn’t deserve special treatment just because she is famous.

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