Lindsay Lohan Actually Does Charity Work…All For the Camera, Of Course

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It’s not often you read a story about Lindsay Lohan that makes you go “Awwwww.”  But when I read in The Post Chronicle that the not-so-hot mess had actually done something other than embarrass the bajeezuz out of herself at a club in the wee hours, it made me sit up and take note.  As the article reports:

Lindsay Lohan is planning a charity trip to Guatemala after returning from a visit to India “a changed woman”, according to her mother Dina.


The Mean Girls star flew to New Delhi earlier this month (Dec09) to shoot a Bbc documentary about child poverty and human trafficking.

She quickly took to her page to share her experiences with fans online, writing: “Over 40 children saved so far… within one day’s work… This is what life is about. Doing This is a life worth living!!!”

The jaded pessimist part of me actually allowed itself to get reeled in for just a moment…until, of course, I read that the whole thing is going to be documented by Oprah’s TV Network.  Two words:  PR Campaign.  The sweet part of the whole endeavor will be when Lindsay gets stopped at customs for attempting to smuggle in  a kilo of coke and then blame it one of the children.  Some things never change.

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