Lindsay Lohan Agrees to Interview with Barbara Walters

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Lindsay Lohan could be making another huge mistake. The controversial Liz and Dick star has agreed to an interview with Barbara Walters.

Barbara visited Lindsay on the set of her Lifetime movie. The news maven even got a tour and became privy to some of the back stage happenings on Liz and Dick. While some interviewing took place then, that’s not the entire picture. A new interview will be part of the deal, too.

Hopefully, Walters can get down to all the facts about why Lindsay acts the way she does. If anyone can get the truth out of the former Disney star, Barbara is the most likely candidate. However, chances are that Lindsay will keep her guard up, mouthing as little of the unvarnished truth as possible. Anything more might put her in a bad light.

The interview airs before Lindsay’s supposed comeback film on November 25th. That will either help Liz and Dick or sink it completely. Most fans think the latter is probable. However, some continue to hold out hope that Lindsay Lohan can get her act back together.

Barbara isn’t likely to withhold the tough questions. It just isn’t her style. However, she will probably play it cautious too. She isn’t known to go for the jugular except in special occasions. Chances are she won’t want to do that with Lindsay. That means, if Lohan’s going to talk, at least she chose the right person.

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