Lindsay Lohan Almost Ejected from Chateau Marmont After Loud Fight with Female ‘Friend’

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Looks like Lindsay Lohan is in trouble again. No, not with the police this time, although it could have come to that. Luckily it did not. Fortunately for the Mean Girls star, disgruntled guests at Hollywood’s posh Chateau Marmont Hotel didn’t dial 911 when they were awakened early Monday morning by “shrieks and screams” coming from Li Lo’s room. However, they did complain to the hotel’s front desk. And hotel security swooped down on La Lohan like hungry hounds on Lady Gaga in a meat dress.

According to reports, the security guards could hear Lindsay Lohan yelling and screaming even before they got upstairs to her room.

“Lindsay was yelling at someone in a furious tirade as security pounded on the door,” recalls an eyewitness. “Turns out she was having a loud verbal battle with a female friend who’d stayed overnight.”

Of course, when Lindsay opened the door to a phalanx of security guards, she immediately calmed down and apologized, claiming: “Oh, I didn’t realize I was being that loud!”

Yeah. Oopsies. After informing her tersely that her screaming had been loud enough to awaken the whole hotel, the security captain reportedly reminded her that “they’d thrown her out of the hotel a few years back, and would have no qualms about booting her again.” It was Lindsay’s final warning. One more complaint and she’d be out on her… ear.

Sources say that Lindsay Lohan has been “quiet as a mouse [ever] since.” The female “friend” who was the target of Lindsay’s tantrum was never identified.

Oh well, so ends another episode in the continuing soap opera also known as Lindsay Lohan’s life. At least this installment ended happily–that is, with no arrests.

Stay tuned.

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