Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Bynes: Are They Really Bad?

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There is no denying that actresses Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Bynes have made some bad decisions. However, does it automatically follow that they are bad people?

There’s definitely something about being a child star that seems to bring out the worst in some people. Maybe it’s all the attention at an early age that skews their opinions of themselves. Maybe they come to believe they are so special that normal rules and laws just don’t apply to them.

There’s also the way people tend to label such stars. They’re considered “good” as long as they are acting one way, but they’re suddenly all “bad” when they act another. Is that a realistic thought process?

A lot of people tend to think there is good and bad in every human being. As such, people are capable of incredible acts of generosity like charitable work. Sadly, they’re also liable to make some really poor decisions, like Lindsay did when she stole that necklace.

Because Amanda and Lindsay are definitely human, it follows that they are capable of acts at both ends of the spectrum. Their fans have seen their good sides. Unfortunately, they’ve also seen their bad sides.

Sadly, somewhere along the line, someone made a rule that says child stars get labeled either “good” or “bad”. If they get the good label, it may or may not stick. There’s still a chance they’ll turn “bad” and apparently, once they do, they can never be “good” again. Does that even make sense?

Perhaps the fault here doesn’t really lie with Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Bynes. Maybe it lies with the people who insist on giving them a label. If that’s the case, then they don’t stand a chance at redemption.

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