Lindsay Lohan Asks Chris Brown For A Date Via Twitter

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Lindsay Lohan’s remaining fans and supporters, friends, family, and even remotely concerned well wishers may as well pack it in and abandon her to her obviously pathological lust for self-destruction. It seems the former Disney starlet has just done something so patently insane that there can be no hope for her rehabilitation or even her survival. On August 28, Li Lo reportedly took to her Twitter account and asked Chris Brown for a date. The woman is doomed.

Whether Lindsay Lohan was having a psychotic break or she suddenly realized in a bizarre moment of clarity that she’s a masochist, the former Mean Girls star posted the woman beating singer a straightforward simple invite.

“@chrisbrown,” Lindsay Lohan tweeted, “wanna meet?”

Apparently, La Lohan was impressed by Chris Brown’s performance at the MTV Video Music Awards. Earlier that evening, she’d posted a message praising his vocal and corybantic pyrotechnics.

“@ChrisBrown killed it #MTVVMAs,” she tweeted.

So there you have it. Poor Lindsay Lohan. Hopefully after she sobers up–er–gets a good night’s sleep, she’ll realize the error of her ways and call the whole thing off. Or perhaps, CB won’t be interested in meeting her, and he won’t respond. Or maybe, they’ll actually get together and go out. Maybe they’ll start dating regularly and have a relationship. In which case, there could very well be an emergency room visit in the already troubled starlet’s future.

Don’t go, Lindsay.

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