Lindsay Lohan Asks President Obama to Cut Taxes for Millionaires

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Lindsay Lohan has managed to stay out of trouble with the law for a couple of weeks now and is apparently feeling a little irrelevant. As much as she moans about unwanted attention, she is sure trying hard to insert herself into the top headlines of any given day. First, she linked herself to Tom Cruise and the wife-auditioning drama and now, she is throwing her hat into the political arena.

For some crazy reason, the actress is assuming she has the ear of President Obama. As Obama makes his next run for president, his campaign people are tweeting about all the great things he has done for America during his term thus far. Late last night, the group tweeted, “I’ve cut taxes for people who need it—middle-class families, small business owners.” The quote comes on the heels of Obama’s speech at the DNC.

Lindsay responded to the tweet, “We also need to cut them for those listed on Forbes as “millionaires” if they are not, you must consider that as well.” What is she even talking about? Really, the millionaires who may or may not be millionaires should get a tax break? Is she referring to herself? Her money woes are her own fault. She doesn’t get a tax break for spending like she has a personal money tree in her backyard.

She is clearly bored. She had the gumption to ask One Direction when they would be in town next so they could get together and do a track. What? Then, this morning, she sent out prayers to Prince Harry. This girl needs a hobby, other than tweeting.

Lindsay Lohan should probably stick with what she knows best, which is up to any given reader to decide exactly what that is.

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