Lindsay Lohan Assault Shows Why Celebrities Need to Be Careful

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Over the weekend, Lindsay Lohan found herself meeting with the police, but this time, she wasn’t the one in trouble!

The actress was partying at a nightclub in New York City when she met a new man. Early reports were unclear about how exactly she met him, but according to TMZ, LiLo claims the man befriended one of her friends in order to get to Lindsay. Once he had an “in” with the actress’s group, he was able to gain access to her hotel room. It is there where the alleged assault went down.

The man has been identified as Christian LaBella and reportedly snapped photos of LiLo with her friends. However, the Mean Girls actress wasn’t about to let any potentially incriminating photos of herself get leaked and confronted the man. However, it is being reported that he had already emailed media of the star partying with her friends before the confrontation. Apparently, he didn’t like being confronted and attacked Lindsay, allegedly throwing her down and choking her.

As scary as that sounds, this is a man who has celebrity connections of his own. He is the nephew of Heather McDonald, best known for her role on Chelsea Lately. However LiLo isn’t the only celebrity that he has managed to meet thanks to his connections. Photos of him with Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner have also surfaced since the reports first emerged.

While Lindsay Lohan plans on pressing charges, this is a perfect example as to why celebrities need to be more careful with who they let into their groups. Not only can their safety be compromised, but their privacy as well. LiLo is not the first celeb to have someone take photos of her partying and she probably won’t be the last. Luckily, she wasn’t hurt and the man was able to be apprehended.

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