Lindsay Lohan Bashing! Emmy Rossum Praised by Perez Hilton

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Lindsay Lohan bashing seems to be an Olympic sport, at least for celebrity blogger Perez Hilton. On Friday he took a backhanded swing at Lilo while pumping up Emmy Rossum.

Basically, Emmy and Lindsay were up for the same role in the Disney movie ‘The Parent Trap.’ Lindsay beat out Emmy and their careers have never been the same since.

Years later Emmy Rossum, when asked about losing out to Lohan for the role, was clear that it had no effect on her, whatsoever, even though the role could have brought her amazing notoriety:

I was 12, but I really wanted the role. Not at all. Lindsay beat me out of the role. I’m having the time of my life and currently working on Shameless.

Of course, Perez Hilton couldn’t help himself. Yep, Emmy Rossum’s life has turned out just fine and well while Lindsay Lohan has been a complete mess. Between the jail time, her time at the morgue, being in and out of court, her sticky fingers when it comes to jewelry, and one Playboy magazine spread, one could say that Lindsay has been a complete train wreck.

Would the same thing have happened to Rossum if she were chosen over Lohan? That is probably doubtful, but no one will ever know. Still any backhanded compliment for Emmy Rossum that comes at the expense of kicking Lindsay Lohan has to be at least a little fun, right?

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