Lindsay Lohan Beats Megan Fox to be Cast as Elizabeth Taylor

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Lindsay Lohan has won the role of Elizabeth Taylor in the Lifetime movie Liz and Dick, and she had to beat out Megan Fox to get the part.

Megan might look a lot more like Elizabeth Taylor with her dark hair, flawless skin, and tiny waist, but Lindsay actually managed to impress TV execs enough to beat the stunning brunette. She doesn’t resemble Liz much with her bleach blonde hair, freckles, and a face that can look a little odd and tired, but hopefully Lifetime will hire a good makeup artist to transform her.

Linds also might want to start taking care of herself a little better to make that makeup artist’s job easier. She’s shown up to a few red carpet events looking a little worse for wear lately, so hopefully she’s behaving herself. And speaking of behaving herself, she’s got to be on her best behavior if she wants to keep her role in Liz and Dick.

According to Contact Music, executive producer Larry Thompson will only allow Lindsay Lohan to play Elizabeth Taylor if she sticks to the terms of her probation. Hopefully he’s got Megan Fox on speed dial just in case.

At least Lindsay is trying to make an effort. She recently landed a gig hosting SNL again, and she obviously had to work hard to convince execs that she can transform into a legend like Liz. Playing a beloved actress who was known for being extremely beautiful and extremely talented certainly won’t be an easy task, and Linds won’t be able to celebrate getting the part by partying hard – she could end up losing the role if she does.

Liz and Dick will focus on Elizabeth Taylor’s love affair with Richard Burton. The two had a very tumultuous love life and actually got married and divorced twice. Their relationship was rumored to be a lot like that of the couple portrayed in Who‘s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, so maybe Lindsay Lohan better start studying that fine classic film.

It will be interesting to see who gets cast as Richard Burton. Gerard Butler or Clive Owen would be good choices, but they’re probably a little too old (and they probably wouldn’t star in a Lifetime movie anyway). Maybe Matt Bomer of White Collar fame would take the job; he’s got the right eyes for the role, and he’s probably not above doing a TV flick. Plus producers wouldn’t have to worry about Linds pursuing him since he’s gay.

So do you think Lindsay Lohan can pull off playing Liz Taylor, or will she get in trouble before she even gets to finish filming the movie? And who do you think should play Richard Burton?

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