Lindsay Lohan Broke and falling apart: Did she pay her rent? Celebrity Gossip

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Sad, sad story!  Poor Lindsay Lohan, (and by poor I mean very broke) can’t get a job, and now is barely getting paid to make celebrity appearances.   She can’t pay her bills, she can’t keep people on her payroll and it seems that everyone, save her mother, is abandoning the once high-profile star.

Even the amount that she makes from the personal events is down to only $5-10,000.  Of course for the average person, if I got asked to show up somewhere just to party for $5,000 you wouldn’t have to ask twice.

According to an interview with Fox a friend of hers says that “Lohan cries often and opens up emotionally to strangers. She needs good friends and she has none. Lindsay is in crisis.”  I guess you would cry too if you squandered your riches, treated people poorly, acted like a fool and now you have no money. What a mess.

Of course, her UK spokes person said that she was able to pay her rent, $23,000 and that all of this stuff about Lindsay being broke is hogwash.  It was reported earlier in the week that Lohan had been handed a notice from her landlord telling her to “pay or get out!”  Now her PR people are spinning that story.

Most people close to Lohan want the star-fallen-from-grace to get help, but it seems if her mother continues to enable her.  Is it alcohol? Is it depression? What ever the problem is, Lindsay Lohan is in what seems to be a downward spiral, with no bottom in sight.

What is your take on all of this?



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