Lindsay Lohan Calls Cops on Dad, Michael, for Staging Intervention

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Lindsay Lohan called the police on her father, Michael, after he showed up at her place to try to stage an intervention. He claims she’s fallen off the wagon. She claims she’s sober as a Baptist deacon and her dad is out of his mind. Could it be that they’re both right?

On October 19, Michael Lohan appeared without warning with an entourage at his daughter’s house. The purpose of his visit was to stage an impromptu intervention. Apparently, after Li Lo failed to show up “for post-production work on her upcoming movie, The Canyons,” Michael decided she must have fallen off the wagon, and that she was “surrounding herself with a bunch of alcoholics and drug addicts.” Yikes.

Although Michael Lohan claimed the entire family was O.K. with the intervention, his claim was never confirmed. What was very quickly confirmed, however, was that La Lohan wanted no part of her already estranged father or his intervention. A man who identified himself as Lindsay’s boyfriend informed her father that “whatever problems Lindsay might have aren’t going to be helped by Michael’s presence.” Although Lindsay never came out of the house, someone called in a “trespassing report” to the cops. It all ended pretty quickly and without violence.

Poor Lindsay Lohan. First she’s attacked by her mother, Dina Lohan, and now her father shows up on her doorstep pretending to be Dr. Drew Pinsky. And you thought your family was dysfunctional.

Oh well, for what’s next for the former Disney darling, stay tuned.

Note: Speaking of Disney, poor old Uncle Walt must be spinning like a top.

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