Lindsay Lohan celebrity hoarder, Niecy Nash to the rescue!

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Racks of clothes, piles of shoes in their boxes (props to Lohan on putting pictures of the shoes on the outside of each box at least), mixed in with scattered garments all over the floor.  This is no ordinary hoarder, this is a celebrity hoarder.

Anyone who watches shows like “Hoarders,” or “Buried Alive,” on a regular basis have the pleasure of viewing homes full of trash – literally, with animals sometimes hidden in crevices, most likely sharing their “space” with roaches, ants, rats, and who know what else.  Rooms are un-usable, hallways are un-walkable, and..wait, where did the kitchen go?

This situation is quite different from these other examples. Lohan’s home isn’t full of trash, it’s not filthy, it just reminds me of a sample sale. How can we really expect this young celebrity to organize her life when she probably spends minimal time in her overflowing closet of a home. Gifts from designers come pouring in, what would any other girl her age do? …be overwhelmed.

Niecy Nash brings in a professional organizer, who builds space and organizes whatever is left behind into compartmental spaces. I can’t help but think of how Lohan will probably never wear the stuff that has been organized, because she doesn’t have to, and that’s the beauty of being a celebrity. Clothes are thrown at them with hopes of getting just one image in a magazine to sky-rocket sales because every girl wants “that dress that Lindsay was wearing.”

Lohan may be portrayed as a “label-ruiner,” but countless designers would still die to get a garment on her, and that is why her home will go back to the way it was, sorry Nash.


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