Lindsay Lohan Cocaine Photos

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Yesterday, a friend of mine posted her Facebook status update to say that she has moved Lindsay Lohan to the number one spot on her celebrity death-watch list. So true and, when I look at some of the recent photos of her, I’m not even positive the girl is actually still alive. Her friends could just be moving her body around and posing for pictures with her, a la Weekend at Bernie’s.

There have been a flurry of media stories surrounding the hot mess of a former actress the last couple of days, as she was supposed to complete a certain number of alcohol classes on time under her probation terms, and she wasn’t able to get back to the US for them from Cannes because she supposedly had her passport stolen. It’s always a blame game for LiLo, and no one knows who she’s going to take aim at next. Her douchy father, Michael Lohan, is too easy of a target, but anyone’s fair game if it will buy her a few extra days of partying. A warrant was issued for her arrest but, according to TMZ, the judged revoked the warrant. LiLo’s people plunked down the bail money so she apparently won’t be arrested upon her return to the US. When will someone teach this girl the lesson she so deserves?

After seeing photos of her partying on a boat in France all night last night, the real question is “Will she actually come back to the US for her court date?” TMZ posted the photos below of her partying with a couple of Frenchies last night, but leave it to my fave sight “The Superficial” to blow up the photo and reveal lines of cocaine right next to Linds.

Dead girl walking…


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