Lindsay Lohan Could Face Jail – Without a Trial

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Lindsay Lohan’s legal troubles have just escalated to a new level in her necklace heist trial. In fact, the starlet could find herself in jail without grand theft charges, a jury or trial if a probation violation case is sought.

The 24-year-old star is clearly at the mercy of prosecutor Danette Meyers, who could be the difference between life as a free girl and life as a star behind bars. According to a report out by TMZ, Meyers simply has to ask the judge to violate Lohan’s probation charge. In doing so, the judge would hold a hearing without a jury to decide if LiLo stole the jewelry.

Here’s where the situation gets particularly sticky for Lindsay. All that is needed to convict her is for the judge to decide that it’s more likely than not that she did the deed. This is a mere 50% margin of guilt compared to the 98%-99% margin of guilt that would be needed to convict her in a criminal case.

Should she be convicted on the probation violation charge, the actress could find herself behind bars for up to a year. This is considerably less than the up to three years she faces in a state prison in the criminal case.

It seems that no matter what happens, LiLo is in some serious hot water and facing likely jail time. It’s only a matter of deciding what route is used to achieve those results.

What do you think? Is she going behind bars again? Will the prosecutor seek the probation violation case instead? Weigh in below.

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