Lindsay Lohan Denies Connection to Tom Cruise Scientology Wife Audition Story

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Lindsay Lohan wants the world to know that she has no connection to the bizarre Tom Cruise Scientology wife auditioning story that is going around. The actress proclaimed her denial via Twitter in response to rumors that the pair had gone on a blind date during the “Mission Impossible” actor’s alleged religion-fueled search for a mate.

Her message read, “I just want everyone and Tom Cruise to know, that I have/had no part in the Vanity Fair story. Nor has anyone in my life, personal and work-related.” Although some people don’t understand Lohan’s protestations, others think it’s a thinly veiled plea for attention.

Whether the upcoming Vanity Fair article even contains the name of the actress is up for debate; it will become clear once the issue hits newsstands, but for now it is open to speculation.

What does it sound like? Her denial makes it seem like she does have inside information about Tom Cruise’s wife-auditioning, or dating, history; and she wants to ensure that Cruise and the rest of the world know that they didn’t get any information from her. Then again, the “Rock Of Ages” hunk and his reps deny that there was ever a Scientology-based campaign to score him a wife that would accept, even embrace, his religion.

Either way, Lindsay Lohan seems like a laughable choice for the mature actor. Besides, there are probably a million women in this country alone who would be willing to adopt Scientology with open arms for the chance to marry Tom Cruise. He’s just looking for love in all the wrong places.

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