Lindsay Lohan Dissed by Dakota Fanning, Mary-Kate Olsen at New York Fashion Week

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Lindsay Lohan’s reputation precedes her everywhere. Dakota Fanning and Mary-Kate Olsen are the latest celebrities rumored to have tried avoiding the Mean Girls star. Lohan’s presence was felt throughout New York Fashion Week where she was documented throwing tantrums left and right. Her desire for a comeback has been hindered time and again by her own actions, and now it’s not just producers and directors that want nothing to do with her.

V Magazine hosted a party on Wednesday night. It was held at the Boom Boom Room and presented by Veuve Clicquot. Mary-Kate Olsen was shocked and visibly upset when she realized she was going to be seated at the same table as Lindsay Lohan. Olsen was reportedly so upset that she “flipped” and even asked the hostess to seat her elsewhere. Unfortunately, there were no other seats available, and Olsen was stuck.

An insider said, “[Olsen] looked so upset about her seat and kept looking over at Lindsay.” She was later overheard saying to her friend, “I really don’t want to be here right now.”

Poor Lohan, it seems that everyone who walked into that party saw her and hightailed it to another table. It looks like it was a first come, first serve kinda event—too bad for Olsen. The very next night, Lohan was dissed again, this time by Dakota Fanning.

Fanning is the current spokesmodel for Marc Jacobs’ Oh, Lola! Fragrance line. The 17-year-old actress was present during the fragrance’s Dream Downtown launch. After talking to some designers, Fanning and one of her friends went into the banquette. However, her happy mood quickly changed when she spotted Lohan.

An insider said Fanning “rolled her eyes” and she and her friend “scooted further down the banquette to get away from Lindsay.” However, it wasn’t pure misery and avoidance for Lohan, because sources said fellow train-wreck Courtney Love was gracious enough to chat with Lindsay for a while during the party.

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