Lindsay Lohan Faces Limo Lawsuit

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Lindsay Lohan is facing a lawsuit with a limo company after she neglected to pay them for driving her various places. It has been reported that LiLo owes the company upwards of $100,000 and understandably, they want their money.

“Although Lohan’s File:Lindsay Lohan.jpgrep [said] hat the starlet has not yet been presented with a lawsuit, the Limo company, Chavos & Rau PLC, claims they have filed a suit. Looks like Lohan will be gearing up for another round of court attire ‘appropriate’ appearances,” reports The Huffington Post.

When it comes to most celebrities, you’d probably say $100,000 is like a normal $1,000, right? However Lindsay Lohan has not been working much and with her last film Machete not doing as well as she had hoped, she may be hurting for cash—at least of that magnitude. And don’t forget about all the legal fees she has already been faced with. Oy.

It’s also a little worrisome that she didn’t realize that she had to pay to use a limo… evidently she must think that she is entitled because she’s a celebrity, but that’s not how it works. It would be great if she could settle outside of court and save herself the aggravation (and embarrassment), but that isn’t Lindsay’s style. You will see her in front of a judge if this company continues to pursue the lawsuit.

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