Lindsay Lohan Faces Serious Jail Time

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If reports are true, Lindsay Lohan may be at the end of her months-long out-of-focus house-arrest stint. Her next trip could be to jail, to do some serious time—possibly as much as a year and a half. Wednesday, October 19 is Lindsay’s next court appearance, where Judge Stephanie Sautner rules on whether or not the actress has violated the rules of her probation, reports TMZ.

Lindsay Lohan thinks the press is out to get her, and maybe she is right. The whole thing is more complicated than it looks in the headlines. There are several cases involved, including some prior DUI’s. And Lindsay was allowed to leave her house arrest, anytime she could say the appearance was work related. She appears to think she has complied with the rules and restrictions. So where do File:Lindsaylohanmugshot.jpgthings stand now?

Here are a few items the court appearance will cover: Did Lindsay Lohan fail to appear nine times, at her Women’s Center community service assignment? Did she leave early (lacking a full four hours), the times she did show up? Is she—or is she not—up to date on community service? And did she meet with her psychiatrist for an hour every Monday? If it was on the phone, does that count? The authorities involved will surely know all these answers. Records exist, and will be brought into court.

Lindsay Lohan says she has complied with everything, and it’s all cool. Paparazzi reports indicate otherwise.

This time, it is up to the court to show its own control. If Lindsay in on target, the court will let her go her way. But if not, the Judge has to consider how letting this one, out-of-control actress get away with ignoring the rules other people have to live by, will be viewed by the voters and taxpayers. And other out-of-control people. Stay tuned.

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