Lindsay Lohan Finds Unwanted Guest in Lunch…Yuck!

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Lindsay Lohan had some bad karma going on during Saturday dinner. There may be nothing worse than finding things that don’t belong in food…all it takes is one bad manicure!

To be fair, Lindsay has been pretty quiet on Twitter lately, and for good reason. She spent plenty of time in Paris during Fashion Week, while continuing to postpone, skip, or procrastinate on her court-ordered community service. Lindsay Lohan has had it pretty rough lately. Poor LiLo.

Then Saturday came. Lindsay was out for lunch when she posted this tweet:

Find what’s wrong with this salad….

OOOH, it’s like Lindsay Lohan’s own game of ‘Where’s Waldo?’ Substitute someone’s fingernail for Waldo and voila Lindsay’s iceberg lettuce wedge with blue cheese dressing and crumbled bacon had one extra ingredient. Lucky for the restaurant, she didn’t name names.

There was no word about Lindsay getting a free lunch or a new salad.

Lindsay Lohan's photo Find what's wrong with this salad....
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