Lindsay Lohan Fingernail sends message, but to who?

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A new development has arisen in the recent sentencing of actress Lindsay Lohan.  Apparently, cameras have captured some unique fingernail painting with “F U” spelled out not so nicely on Lindsay Lohan’s fingernail.  

An Associated Press snapshot of the fingernail shows Lindsay has pastel paint on her nails, with the middle finger getting the extra words.  Some are asking if the nail painted words were a big “F U” to the court, or if it was more towards paparazzia/media.  I would hope for the sake of Lohan, it was the latter, because that would actually make sense.  Telling the court she is taking things serious yet having those words etched on her middle finger is a big deal if it was intended for the courtroom.

Honestly, I don’t see this as such a big deal and hopefully the judge won’t really make it into one.  Lohan’s already going to do her time.  People have also mentioned the concept of freedom of expression, which is true.  Not only that, but it’s a very tiny bit of fingernail writing.  The fact it had to be revealed via a blown-up courtroom photographer’s image just goes to show they’ll try to find just about any dirt on LiLo.  I’m still waiting for TMZ to launch a spin-off site called “” because they seem to love talking about Lohan.

Do you think the Lindsay Lohan fingernail message should result in more time added to Lohan’s sentence, or is it too insignificant to really matter?

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