Lindsay Lohan: Halloween at Morgue… Trick or Treat?

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For Lindsay Lohan, Halloween was less about ghosts and goblins and more about seeing dead people… lots of dead people. Yep, LiLo spent the holiday at the morgue.

Obviously the trip to the morgue was not Lindsay’s version of a Halloween haunted excursion. This is part of Lindsay Lohan’s remaining hours of community service resulting from her drunk driving probation violation along with the issue she had dealing with a necklace and sticky fingers.

Lindsay swears to be turning over a new leaf, and actually showing up to her community service would be a nice start. So here she is, while others are getting ready for trick-or-treaters, Lindsay Lohan is hanging out with a bunch of corpses.

Her publicist is painting a positive picture of how Lindsay is “enjoying” her time at the county morgue:

Lindsay has been very diligent in her attendance at the morgue, and is there again today. She is very eager to get closure on this situation so she can put it behind her and move forward with several projects currently being lined up for her.

Projects? Are these projects like her recent full-frontal nudity photo shoot for Playboy? Clearly she has bills to pay, so doing something other than sitting in jail or cleaning up human remains has to be a priority, right?

Hopefully, Lindsay Lohan gets it this time, or her next Halloween costume won’t be dressed in morgue cleaning lady outfit, but rather an orange jumpsuit.

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