Lindsay Lohan Has A Sister! Lilo’s Dad Had Child During Affair In The ’90s

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Lindsay Lohan may be on a downward spiral but maybe the news that she has a new sister will cheer her up…or then again, maybe not.

The troubled actress has probably heard by now that her loving, wonderful father has fathered a child with another woman. That child is now 17-year-old Ashley Horn who gets to call Lilo her sister. Awww!

Apparently, Michael Lohan went on a talk show to figure out if Ashley was really his child or not instead of finding out in private like most normal people. When the news was revealed and an overemotional woman (Ashley’s mother) said “You have a daughter!” it seemed like Michael wasn’t too shocked. He then tried to get up and hug Ashley who was reluctant and said that she had just met him for the first time. The whole thing was annoying, creepy and a complete waste of time.

Who really cares if Lindsay Lohan has a new sister or not? Michael Lohan was bound to have some horrid past just to make the freak-show that is the Lohan’s a little more freaky.

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