Lindsay Lohan Has Stalker, Not 100% Lesbian

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Lindsay Lohan told an Australian radio show yesterday that she is not completely lesbian and that guys still have a chance to date her. Lohan went on the popular “Kyle and Jackie O Show” to affirm that she has not completely shut the door on dating males.

Asked implicitly whether she was bi-sexual on the show, Lohan responded simply: “Yes.” Some disambiguation has become necessary the past few years, as Lohan has dated exclusively females, including Samantha Ronson, the sister of British musician, Mark Ronson.

Sexuality may be one of the more peripheral issues in LiLo’s life as of late, however, considering her ongoing legal troubles. She just today obtained a restraining order against an alleged stalker. The temporary restraining order was issued against David Concordan, a man Lohan claims has been harassing and stalking her for the past two years. Sounds like Lindsay needs a good, strong man (or woman) to protect her in her life.

As with all things LiLo, one must expect the unexpected – unless the expected concerns basically living the life of “Girl, Interrupted,”…. with a stalker.

For a video of the radio interview, click here.

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