Lindsay Lohan Headed Back to Jail? Probation Likely to be Revoked

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Lindsay Lohan may soon find herself wearing the gorgeous orange jumpsuit she seems to be so fond of if a California judge revokes her probation. Lindsay landed herself in hot water once again when she decided it would be a good idea to lie to the police about who was really driving the car during an accident earlier this summer.

According to TMZ, a judge plans on revoking Lindsay’s probation from that little jewelry theft. Apparently, the Santa Monica district attorney is moving forward with the case and plans on pursuing a criminal case. Ouch! Not good for Lindsay’s big comeback. Sources tell the site, “At the time Lindsay is arraigned, we’re told Judge Godfrey will revoke Lindsay’s probation and set the matter for a full hearing, on grounds she violated her probation in the jewelry case by breaking the law.”

Will she actually do any time? Probably not. She has yet to do any real time and will likely receive another slap on the wrist. Those really have proven ineffective for the troubled actress, but that is just the way the system works. Her new PR person certainly has a rough road ahead.

Do you think Lindsay Lohan deserves to sit in jail for a bit for her rather minor crime?

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