Lindsay Lohan heads to Hamptons (not Jersey Shore)

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Actress Lindsay Lohan is off house arrest. She has left LA, headed to the Hamptons to spend her summer. Why not start her own reality TV series like Jersey Shore? For real, if LiLo got her own reality television series on a cable TV network like VH1 or MTV, she could use her celebrity status as a party girl more wisely. Think about it. Snooki — always drunk in public, falling down in the streets, getting into car accidents, and dancing the night away between various capital G — Gross hookups with nightclub urchins almost religiously. For her wild antics, she has been rewarded with more than 100K per episode of Jersey Shore (rumored), she makes 10K-15K per night club appearance, and she’s even been given more money to be the guest speaker at a college graduation ceremony than a nobel prize winner recently made. No one seems to be putting that little Guidette on trial for any of her alcoholic behaviors. Even celebs like Ellen Degeneres are fascinated by her antics and think the Snooki-poof thing is cute. They can’t get enough of the self-proclaimed Italian-American diva, seriously!

If Lindsay Lohan is starting to hurt for money like insiders expect she is and she wants to tone down the legal drama, being the star of her own dysfunctional reality television show might just be the exact thing she needs. Why? Because with the cameras rolling 24/7, she stops being an enigma for the courts to wonder what she does, thinks, and feels. More than that, she starts growing a real fan base — albeit of people who like to watch shows like Jersey Shore, Teen Mom, Jerry Springer, Kate Plus 8, and Real Housewives, but still. A viewing audience brings both cash to a network and a hall pass to celebs who act badly it seems.

Rolling like a rich woman in the Hamptons with star celebs and playing Royal Pains drama queen in the night club scene won’t earn LiLo a dime. Partying at clubs and getting wasted with the idle rich will only build intrigue in the press that won’t put money in her pocket (and may bring her further court misery).

In this writers opinion, since Lindsay Lohan already tweets she really ought to reach out to a network about getting her own reality TV series. Drag on mamma Lohan and the world’s worst celebrity dad Michael Lohan and the entire D-Listed family could be making fat money. Snooki, JWoww, Paulie D, The Situation, Vinny, and Ronnie just got back to the Jersey shore after an all-expense-paid trip to tour Italy. That could have been you, Lindsay. Just saying… call MTV. Even if you can’t get your own show there are rumors percolating that you might be able to replace Vinny — he’s thinking about leaving mid-season some sources are saying now, so there might be a job vacancy for you in reality television land already.

Lindsay Lohan

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