Lindsay Lohan Hits Night Club Manager With Her Car

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Lindsay Lohan reportedly hit (albeit gently) a night club manager with her car on Tuesday and then peeled out of the club’s parking lot. Is she about to be in trouble with the law yet again?

According to a report from Celebuzz, Lindsay was hounded by the paparazzi as she left Sayers, a night club in Hollywood, Tuesday evening. It sounds like she became flustered and in Lindsay Lohanntrying to navigate the paps may have hit the club manager. Instead of stopping to see if he was okay, however, she stepped on the gas and exited the parking lot instead.

Does this mean there will be more legal woes ahead for the troubled actress, who finally seems like she might be putting the pieces of her life back together again? Will she be charged with leaving the scene of an accident or–even worse–of hitting the club manager with her car?

Fortunately neither of these scenarios will play themselves out in Lindsay Lohan’s sordid life. Since the manager wasn’t hurt, local police are considering the situation a non-event, so to speak, and are saying that the case is ultimately closed.

Of course the fact that Lindsay was at a night club raises serious concerns among those who would love to see the young actress truly emerge from this drug and alcohol stupor she’s barely functioned in for the past few years. Aren’t most people with drug and/or alcohol issues instructed to avoid places like parties and night clubs?

Do you think Lindsay Lohan is really cleaning up her act this time or is she simply having a longer stretch of supposed sobriety before the you-know-what hits the proverbial fan once again. She has had a couple of positives in her career lately–snagging the role of Liz Taylor in a Lifetime movie and hosting SNL just over a week ago.

Did Lindsay catch a really lucky break with regard to hitting the club manager with her car?

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