Lindsay Lohan in the nude – sans SCRAM bracelet?

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Lindsay Lohan in the nude – sans SCRAM bracelet?


Lindsay Lohan is preparing to shoot in the nude, as part of a series of print ads for her 6126 line of handbags. She is planned to be photographed naked, while playfully rolling around a bed.


So what about the SCRAM bracelet? Well there are a couple of options according to US Magazine. 1) she could have a police escort at the shoot would remove the bracelet for the pictures and then put it back on after the shoot. 2) Keep the SCRAM bracelet on as part of the pictorial. Or 3) Photoshop the bracelet out of the pictures at a later date.


Well. At least they are taking a grown up approach to this problem. With the police there I don’t see anything wrong with the removal of the bracelet for the pictures. And Photoshop can do wonders so it might just be more convenient to airbrush the bracelet at another time. Either way, as long as Lindsay is not in the presence of alcohol, it shouldn’t make a difference. I would assume they will do the easiest an most cost-efficient solution to the SCRAM question.

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