Lindsay Lohan in Trouble With the IRS

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Lindsay Lohan is reportedly in big trouble with the IRS–to the tune of more than $93,000, and now they’ve even put a lien against her house in that same amount. She reportedly didn’t pay her taxes for 2009.

According to a report from TMZ, 2009 wasn’t a lucrative year for the troubled actress. Her only claim to fame was a made-for-TV movie that didn’t do particularly well.Lindsay Lohann

No comment has emerged from Lohan or a representative regarding the IRS lien. It will be interesting to learn if–like most everything she finds herself accused of–she denies owing the money.

If Lindsay Lohan decides she isn’t going to pay up, the IRS can legally seize any assets–cars, homes, bank accounts, etc. that she may own. Of course at this point in time, following her legal issues and not much work save for her recent Playboy cover and centerfold–it’s likely that her assets aren’t too substantial.

How can someone like Lindsay Lohan forget to pay their income tax? Could it be that an accountant is to blame instead? It just seems like such a simple thing to do at tax time every year. If you made money, you pay taxes. Whether that means you file online or seek financial counsel, you don’t get away without paying Uncle Sam.

How will Lindsay Lohan manage to get out of this latest debacle? Will she lay blame? Will she have a reasonable explanation? Or will the IRS soon be moving in and moving out practically everything the actress owns?

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