Lindsay Lohan Intervention: More Details Emerge!

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What’s the story behind the Lindsay Lohan intervention this past week? Finally, real details of the LiLo sitdown are coming out. Was it her dad Michael Lohan that was behind this like tabloids originally reported?

Actually, it not only was Lindsay’s father behind the intervention, but her own manager was in full support of it. That’s right, reports have surfaced that not only was Micheal Lohan involved, but Lohan’s manager Evan Hainey, was in on it too.

It doesn’t stop there either. No, Lindsay Lohan’s criminal defense lawyer Shawn Chapman Holley and her entertainment lawyer Dave Feldman were all trying to help her as well.

Of course, the intervention didn’t happen, because Lindsay called the cops on her own dad, her manager, and her two lawyers. Wow!

Obviously, they were all concerned about Lindsay’s alleged continued drinking, cocaine, and prescription pill use. Now that all of this has been reported, the question is, how much of this is true. If it is, can anyone get through to Lindsay to save her from herself? Clearly rehab stints, jail time, and the morgue aren’t helping!

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