Lindsay Lohan Invited Jewel Thieves to House Party

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Lindsay Lohan has once again found herself in the middle of a theft investigation. This time, she is not the one who did the stealing, but she is associated with the purported thieves. After a house party on Sunday night, the owner of an upscale Hollywood Hills mansion is pointing the finger at a couple of guys Lindsay was hanging out with on Sunday night. In fact, she brought the guys to the party.

According to TMZ, Lindsay, was invited to the house and felt the need to bring a small entourage. She brought her brother, assistant and two guys. The latter are believed to have been the ones to steal some expensive watches and sunglasses.

The savvy if not suspicious homeowner, immediately locked down his house guests until the police could arrive. Lindsay, who happens to be pretty familiar with the questioning process, quickly exercised her rights and left the scene after police declared she was not a suspect.

Lindsay Lohan may want to pick her friends more carefully. She finally seems to be getting her life together and little things like this do not bode well for her career in Hollywood. Skip the parties and hang out with pals at the library or something.

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