Lindsay Lohan Is a Good Girl For Once!

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Lindsay Lohan was a good girl for once and followed the rules of her probation by going for mandatory drug testing in Venice, California. Did she pass or fail?

Even though she spent a good amount of time partying this summer at all times of the night — and why not it’s not exactly like she has a job! — she’s proving her haters wrong by doing what she was ordered. The drug testing is a part of her probation, as is community service and an anti-shoplifting class. Will all of these things keep Lindsay on the straight-and-narrow?

Wearing a short black dress, chunky heels and a stoney face, Lindsay Lohan was spotted leaving the drug testing facility this past week. She must have passed the drug test or someone would know about it by now, right?

Wouldn’t we all love to see Lindsay Lohan make a comeback like Demi Lovato after rehab? It just seems like Lindsay can’t keep her problems away, though admittingly she’s doing a good job this time around. Hopefully she keeps it up!

For the photos of Lindsay leaving the facility, click here.

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