Lindsay Lohan Isn’t the Only Celebrity With a Criminal Past

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Everybody knows Lindsay Lohan has a criminal past. She got busted for shoplifting. Still, she isn’t the only celebrity who has something to hide. Here are a few more stars with a criminal past.

Amanda Bynes’ worries aren’t quite passed yet, but she’s likely to end up with a criminal record of some kind. So far she faces one DUI and two cases of hit-and-run. Then there’s that little incident earlier this week where she went driving without a license. Hers got suspended by the Department of Motor Vehicles many days ago. Nonetheless, Amanda kept driving and, by the way, while reportedly smoking pot behind the wheel. Where are the cops when you need one?

Winona Ryder did her fair share of shoplifting. But unlike Lindsay, it pretty much ruined her movie career. She’s done a few minor roles in the past decade but Ryder was once on the fast track to stardom. Maybe she needs to take comeback lessons from Lindsay.

Shia LaBeouf likes to get into bar brawls. While he was lucky that criminal charges got dropped against him, his temper is sure to land him in jail at some point. Here’s hoping he learns how to curb it before that actually happens.

Chris Brown got charged with domestic violence after he assaulted then girlfriend, Rihanna. The singer got lucky though. He received probation, community service and an anger management course. It will be interesting to see if Chad Johnson gets that lucky after assaulting wife, Evelyn Lozada.

Matthew McConaughey landed in jail for drug possession and for disturbing the peace. The latter charge, however, was more comical than serious. His disturbing the peace violation came from playing his bongos too loudly.

Although Paris Hilton seems reformed these days, there was a time when she was a bit of a hellcat. She got busted for cocaine use as well as DUI and resisting arrest. That landed her a one year probation. She also had to pay a $2,000 fine and agree to take a substance-abuse class.

Everybody knows how much drugs took over the life of Robert Downey, Jr. No sooner would he get out of jail from one drug possession, than he’d land right back in there again. It wasn’t until he did some hard prison time that he got his life back together.

Sean Penn’s temper is even worse than Shia’s. He’s been known to punch out a paparazzi or two. He’s even broken a couple of cameras. But somehow the talented actor managed to say just this side of prison. Call it whim or luck. Whatever it is, he’s got it.

Hugh Grant made huge headlines when he solicited a prostitute and got caught. It was an ugly mess for the lovable actor but he managed to get through it and come out the other end still smelling sweet.

Apparently Matthew Fox belongs in the temper club with LaBeouf and Penn. Earlier this year, a female bus driver claimed he assaulted her. While those charges were eventually dropped, Fox still had to deal with a DUI.

Fred Willard made headlines recently. He got arrested for lewd conduct inside an adult movie theater. Of course a lot of people wondered why what he did qualified as lewd conduct when the people on the screen were doing much worse.

Singer George Michael has an interesting past, which includes a DUI, drug possession and lewd conduct. It’s a wonder he had any time left to make music.

There are lots of other stars with bad things in their past. So why do people continue to pick on Lindsay Lohan? It’s a question for the ages.

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