Lindsay Lohan, Jail, Jail, Meet Lindsay Lohan. The Inevitable Finally Happens. [Photos] [Raw, Live, Courtroom Video]

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Lindsay Lohan is going to jail.  Who saw that one coming?  Probably just about everyone, unless you may have been living under a rock, which was buried below another rock, and well… you get the idea.  Lindsay was in court for a probation hearing, stemming from a 2007 DUI plea bargain. Unfortunately, Lindsay has had her fair shair of problems coming to terms with her probation.  She has constantly been unable to meet the requirements of her probation, most notably failing to attend court-ordered substance abuse programs, and most recently, alcohol education classes.

Lohan has managed to stay out of jail for the most part (except for a short 84 minute stay in 2007 for cocaine use and one of her two DUIs), but today seemed to be the last straw for the Judge assigned to her case.  Judge Revel, upon constant pressure from prosecutor Danette Meyers, sentenced Lohan to 90 days in jail due to constant probation violations, with an emphasis on Lohan’s failure to attend alcohol education classes based on the schedule set by the Judge.  Judge Revel cited a pattern of violations since the 2007 plea bargain as another reason for her decision.

Upon hearing the sentence, Lohan broke down in tears, seemingly stunned that she would actually be serving time in jail.  Lohan must begin serving her sentence July 20th, in just two week’s time.

And the news just get worse for Lindsay.  On her way into court, she was also served with a $17,000 civil lawsuit, for failure to pay.  Talk about your all-time bad days.  Perhaps all of this will be enough to shock Lindsay back to the cute actress she used to be (remember Mean Girls?), but I doubt it…



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