Lindsay Lohan Kicked Out of Marc Jacobs’ Party

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Lindsay Lohan’s path of destruction during New York Fashion Week took a slight detour when she was kicked out of Marc Jacobs’ after-party for his fragrance, Oh, Lola! Rumors had surfaced that the blonde party girl had gotten the cold shoulder from Dakota Fanning there. Now, more information has come to light that Lohan almost didn’t even get into the event and that her stay there was short-lived.

Sources said that during the Thursday night event, Lohan and a friend were told several times “It’s not going to happen,” when they tried to enter the party. However, Lohan called upon Vikram Chatwal, owner of the Dream Downtown hotel where the party was taking place, and got admitted into the party. Unfortunately and embarrassingly, not too long after planting herself in a booth near Fanning, she was told by security to beat it.

Lindsay Lohan then strutted herself down to the Electric Room where she played queen bee at the party until A-listers began to arrive. A source said, “The second these people walked in, she kept to her table. She apparently realized more important people were in the room.”

With any luck, Lohan will get her act together. Sadly, the truth is, she will probably never make a comeback worthy of the career she used to have. The most press she will probably ever get is for being an out-of-control party girl with a bad attitude.

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