Lindsay Lohan Late for ‘Glee’ Due to Partying with Tila Tequila?!

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Lindsay Lohan just can’t get her priorities straight. Lindsay only had one more day left to taping on her guest appearance on the hit show Glee, yet she couldn’t show up on time. Why was LiLo late, unprofessional, and leaving at least one Glee star so mad that she tweeted her disgust in Lohan? Lindsay was reportedly out partying until the wee-hours of the morning with the likes of Tila Tequila.

That’s right, Lindsay decided it was more important to let her colleagues down in a professional acting situation and go make a quick buck attending a nightclub event for a tabloid. Lindsay reportedly attended an event at the AV Nightclub hosted by Star magazine. Lohan, instead of ending her time working on the Glee set on a high note, decided to make a quick buck hanging out with D-listers like Bai Ling and Tila Tequila. How far has she really sunk?

Glee star, Marie Jones tweeted: “Gonna be a long day!! Some ppl show up late and just throw a wrench in things. Not cool! I’d rather be an hour early (I was) than 5 minutes late!” That person that Marie is talking about was Lindsay Lohan who held up filming of the last couple of scenes to wrap the show. That’s right, Lindsay thought it was okay to delay everyone’s weekend so she could make a few extra dollars at a night club.

She’s lucky someone didn’t say that she assaulted them. How many times does Lohan have to be told to stay out of the clubs? Just when she needs to revive her professional image, instead she drags her opportunity through the mud. What a selfish, unthankful person Lindsay Lohan has become.

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