Lindsay Lohan Late for Morgue Duty – Turned Away!

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Lindsay Lohan missed her first scheduled morning at the L.A. morgue this morning, after telling the world she would be there every day. She still doesn’t have a clue! And worse, her people lied for her, in the process. Her arrival time was set for a nice, civilized 8:00 am, and someone called at 7:40 to report that she was ten minutes away, says TMZ. So far, so good.

But by 8:20, Lindsay Lohan was still a no-show. This is after stern warnings from the judge that she needed to get her act together and follow the rules. Guess those rules were not made for Lindsay. The morgue, however, has no time for dealing with people like the Mean Girls actress. They have stated that, even if she shows up anytime soon, she will be turned away.

Today is not Lindsay Lohan’s only problem. File:Lindsaylohanmugshot.jpgThe actual court ruling was that she must put in 16 hours before her next hearing, some two weeks away. But screwing up again—same old, same old—on the very first day does not look good. A kindergartener could see that. Why can’t Lindsay see what she is doing to herself?

The Coroner’s Office has announced it will notify Probation’s Volunteer Center, the agency that monitors compliance—that their most famous current problem child is making no effort to comply, and the court will be informed she did not fulfill her requirements. She again faces serious jail time.

What will it take for Lindsay Lohan to understand how much trouble she is in?

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