Lindsay Lohan Leaked Photos Just Start of Curse on ‘Playboy’

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It’s so easy to blame Lindsay Lohan’s leaked photos from Playboy on her but that’s not fair. While it’s not surprising that Lohan has a trail of crap trailing her, most would say that bad luck doesn’t venture far from Lohan or her family. But, as usual, some people are blaming LiLo.Lindsay Lohan HD 11x17 Sexy Actress #07 HDQ says Lindsay’s endless bad luck has rubbed off on the entire Playboy corporation and their Lindsay issue. Rightfully so, the site points out how everything has gone awry since Lindsay agreed to take off her clothes for the site.

Apparently, Playboy (sadly waster?) wisely spent around $1 million to photograph Lindsay Lohan only to spend more money to reshoot because the first spread wasn’t sexy enough. Next up is the photo shoot cover being leaked than the entire spread gets leaked. If there ever were a curse, Playboy is feeling it. Their first cover girl, Marilyn Monroe, lived a troubled twisted life that ended too soon and now, their latest cover girl is wrapping things up with as much drama as the first. But you can’t blame Lohan alone because the men’s magazine has suffered leaks before.

Unlike many times in the past where Lohan messed up her life on her own, this time it’s just not LiLo’s fault. Sorry to all those superstitious people out there.

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