Lindsay Lohan Leaked Photos: Posing Again for ‘Playboy’?

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Lindsay Lohan seems to attract controversy, and her recent posing session for Playboy magazine’s latest issue was no different — from the Marilyn Monroe-themed photos being leaked early on the Internet to insulting slams against the pictorial from several, including a former Playmate, not to mention those contradicting reports regarding the success of the publication’s newsstand sales and its profitability. However, in light of it all, two questions remain: Will Playboy provide a much-needed push, call it a fresh jumpstart, to LiLo’s faltering career and will she strip down again for Hugh?

Well, the first question is still pending, as Lohan has a big hole out of which to climb, what with her court dates, community service and her currently bad reputation. But, as for the second, it seems Hugh Hefner is eager to have his new favorite cover girl featured in another spread.

File:Lindsay Lohan.jpgAccording to an exclusive report from Hollywood Life, the Lindsay Lohan issue is one of Playboy‘s most buzzed-about (thanks, no doubt, to those leaked photos) and profitable issues in some time. Sources have alluded to the fact that Hefner is hoping to strike gold twice by featuring a disrobed Lindsay Lohan again. Wonder what theme he has in mind? It would have to be a compelling one, as Lohan’s Marilyn Monroe-esque shoot is part of what has caused so much hype.

It is a bit surprising, though, that the Playboy king is allegedly willing to take the leap and photograph Lohan again for his magazine, especially given he had second thoughts as to the viability of her the first time around. He even ordered a re-shoot as he was unhappy with the initial set of pics. “I had mixed emotions to begin with,” he told People during a recent interview. “I could not have anticipated, quite frankly, that it would turn out to be such a sensational newsworthy event, or that the pictorial would turn out so well.” Well, he might just have the “oops” moment of those leaked photos to thank for the sensationalist status. It may be hard to replicate that little blunder.

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