Lindsay Lohan Leaked Photos vs. Kim Kardashian, Charlize Theron Playboy Pictures

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Lindsay Lohan’s entire photo shoot was leaked online and now some fans are comparing her Playboy spread (literally) to those of other famous celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Charlize Theron. The question is whether Lohan’s leaked photos are as racy or racier than Kardashian and Theron’s.

Lindsay Lohan HD 11x17 Sexy Actress #07 HDQThe fact is Lindsay’s leaked pictures show her photo shoot was all glam, slightly sexy but not racy at all. There was no muff or money shot! Meanwhile, Kim’s photo shoot did show some slight vag and poor Charlize claims her photos were sold and published without her consent so you can see just about everything.

Kim’s photos can be accessed here and the ones of Charlize’s used by Playboy can be accessed here. Of course, Lindsay’s are still online in some places and you can find out where by clicking here.

Kim Kardashian admitted she regrets posing for Playboy now but not because she’s been racked with guilt or shame. Kimmy is upset she weighed too much at the time. She said, “I lost about 15 pounds, and I feel so proud. I look back and say, ‘Oh, my God, I was so heavy then.'”

Charlize Theron, on the other hand, doesn’t like discussing her Playboy spread now that she’s an A-lister. It’s one of those dark times in her life. Lindsay Lohan, though, is still fresh off the high from her leaked photos. This isn’t the first time LiLo’s Playboy pictures have been compared to those of others either.

Since Lohan adores Marilyn Monroe so much and this photo shoot was once again based off of Hollywood’s most famous sex symbol, many were questioned whether Lohan, Naomi Watts or Michelle Williams emulated Marilyn Monroe the best. Sorry Williams, it looks like a tie between LiLo and Watts. With renewed interest in her, LiLo is most likely trying to revamp her life and career. Hopefully, this time around, she won’t screw it up.

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