Lindsay Lohan Leaves Rehab

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Lindsay Lohan will check out of the Betty Ford Center today. She has been in rehab for for drug and alcohol abuse. How will the actress fare once she kisses the safe and secure walls of rehab goodbye?

According to Popeater, Lindsay Lohan’s mom Dina will pick her up from the Betty Ford Center today, and will stay with her in Los Angeles for the time being. Lohan will still be under court supervision, however. She meets again with a judge in late February, and the court will then decide if her treatment will be deemed complete. During the time between her release from rehab and her February court date, Lindsay must submit to random drug and alcohol testing at the court’s discretion.

How will Lindsay Lohan fare once she is released from rehab? Hopefully she’s learned her lesson, albeit the hard way, and has learned to use those tools afforded her in rehab when battling the urges to drink or do drugs. Addiction is no laughing matter, but Lindsay’s previous attitude toward it has been rather callous and carefree. She must buckle down now and use what she’s been taught, or the next time things might not wind up on such a positive note.

Lindsay Lohan is fortunate that her abuse of drugs and alcohol haven’t killed her, or even worse taken the life of an innocent bystander. Money wouldn’t buy her way out of that one, nor should it.

Hopefully this release from rehab will be the beginning of a new and much healthier life for Lindsay Lohan. Perhaps it will allow her to go back to being the talented, pretty young woman everyone loves and remembers from her more innocent days as an actress.


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