Lindsay Lohan: Live Footage Obtained of the Actress Hitting a Pedestrian With Car (Video)

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TMZ has obtained footage of the alleged incident recently when Lindsay Lohan hit a pedestrian with her car. The incident occurred in front of a New York hotel, and you can see in the video the black Porsche belong to Lohan trying to pull into a parking garage next to the hotel, while several unwary pedestrians blocked her path.

Lindsay LohanIt is impossible to tell from the video, but it does look as if the car hit the man in a plaid shirt that walked in front of the car. The man, who then ran into the garage after Lohan’s car, later reported that he had been injured in the incident. The man claimed that he had to be hospitalized for injuries sustained during the accident.

Of course, if Lohan was driving drunk, as many are speculating, then she could have hit the guy and didn’t even know it, and she deserves whatever she gets for this incident. However, if the man was simply trying to take advantage of her, while she was driving sober, then he’s despicable. The fact that he appears to have no injuries whatsoever when pursuing Lohan leads many to believe the latter.

Lindsay Lohan denies the claim, saying that she did nothing wrong. The video is below. You be the judge.

Photo: By kid_diver_chick via Wikimedia Commons

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