Lindsay Lohan Locked Up for Mere Minutes?

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Lindsay Lohan was sentenced to 30 days in jail, but according to a new report, she may only spend minutes behind bars. The troubled actress can’t seem to catch a break, but at the same time, she’s getting out of serving jail time with ease—thanks to over-crowding.

“Sheriff’s spokesperson File:Lindsaylohanmugshot.jpgSteve Whitmore just confirmed [that] Lindsay will get in and out of jail pronto, adding the only reason there might be any sort of delay — possibly overnight — is if there are lots of other inmates who are being processed out at the same time,” reports TMZ.

It’s about time that Lindsay Lohan was punished for real, but no matter what her punishment is, she seems to find the loop holes and get out of it. Perhaps that’s what a good lawyer does, but isn’t it time that LiLo snaps out of it? Even her lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, has to be getting sick of this charade too, no? Why is it that celebrities aren’t punished for their wrong-doings? Seriously.

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