Lindsay Lohan Looking at Jail Time?

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Mark this one as a “down” in the rollercoaster that is Lindsay Lohan’s life. The actress has been working extremely hard to get her life back on track, but it seems like the former Disney star just can’t catch a break! After landing a role playing the iconic Elizabeth Taylor, things were looking up. However, a weekend car crash is now threatening to take everything the struggling actress has worked so hard to regain.

lindsay-lohanThere were reports suggesting that Lindsay’s people rushed to have her flee the scene and also removed a bag (contents unknown) before police arrive. However, that isn’t what has LiLo in hot water. The new question is whether or not Lindsay lied to the police.

According to TMZ, Lindsay Lohan claimed that her assistant was driving the vehicle; however, her assistant states otherwise and maintains that Lindsay was behind the wheel. Obviously, someone is lying and to make matters worse, both Lindsay and the assistant exited the crashed car from the passenger side of the car. This is a matter that the police are not taking lightly and are including the possible lie in the report. This could cause big trouble for Lindsay if she did indeed lie and could impact her probation and even cost her some time behind bars.

While most people seem to agree that Lindsay Lohan was likely behind the wheel, there is always the slim chance that she is telling the truth, right? It is apparent that, since both exited out of the passenger side, someone had to crawl across the center console to get there and, while it was probably Lindsay, don’t give up hope on her yet. She is really giving her comeback her all and it is a shame to think she would throw it all away by lying.

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