Lindsay Lohan Makes Best Celebrity Mug Shots for 2011

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Lindsay Lohan didn’t have a stellar year when it came to staying out of trouble with the law. Every time she turned around, she was in trouble again. She broke her probation, ignored the judge’s orders and refused to do her community service. Consequently, a lot of her photos this year were mug shots.

However, LiLo wasn’t alone in that. Other celebrities had some problems too. Which of them made the list of best celebrity mug shots? Take a look and see.

Andy Dick’s mug shot is actually decent. He’s smiling and making light of his circumstances in the typical Andy Dick way. His mug shot got logged because of his public intoxication; something Dick always finds amusing.

Antwan Patton, or Big Boi to his fans, didn’t look happy about being arrested for drug possession. The police caught him with Ecstasy and Viagra among other things. He ought to smile, though. He got off easy with 30 hours of community service, a reasonable fine of $2,000 and a promise to stay clean for 90 days.

Samantha Ronson held complete contempt for the law as shown in her snarling mug shot. Hers was for a DUI she clearly didn’t think she deserved. That’s a bit reminiscent of Lindsay Lohan by the way.

Dr. Conrad Murray’s face looks the same in his mug shot as it does in most of his trial photos. The man found complicit in the murder of Michael Jackson, clearly didn’t give a hoot one way or the other.

Cute Jaime Pressly didn’t look much like herself after being caught drinking and driving. In fact her fans might not have recognized her at all if her name hadn’t been attached to the picture.

Former Smashing Pumpkins member, D’Arcy Wetzky, looks shocked that she was getting her mug shot taken. Maybe that’s because of the strange charge attached with her arrest; running at large of her horses. Still there’s a touch of Lindsay Lohan in her photo too.

Another star who didn’t look like himself at the time of his booking was Flavor Flav. Who knew he had hair under that ball cap and where’s the huge clock he always sports? Obviously, Flav got caught off guard with his moving violation. Otherwise, fans are sure he would have dressed the part.

Mel Gibson clearly hasn’t learned that mug shots aren’t flattering to him. He keeps breaking the law and having them taken. This time it was for battery against his baby mama; a charge that was later dropped. Sadly, the mug shot still exists.

Nicholas Cage also faced battery charges, this time against his wife. The actor didn’t even bother to open his eyes, which makes the picture all the more telling.

What celebrity mug shots you think should have made the list? If so, post information about them.

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