Lindsay Lohan Makes Out with Mom Dina at Club (Photo)

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A shocking photo has emerged showing Lindsay Lohan and her mother, Dina, in a state of making out. Both Lohan women have their lips next to each other in an open mouth kiss. The picture is disturbing in itself but worse still is the fact that Dina’s son and Lindsay’s brother is seated right next to them. The photo was taken during Dina’s 49th birthday party in New York. This unbelievable picture pretty much shows why Lindsay has become such a train wreck.

Lindsay and Dina Lohan Make OutAn insider said, “Both Dina and Lindsay were completely and utterly wasted. Dina was even more trashed than her daughter.”

Another source stated the kiss was merely innocent in nature by saying, “It was Dina’s 49th birthday, and it was an affectionate moment between a mother and her daughter”.

Unfortunately for that sloppy mother and daughter pair, this is just the latest rumor to surface about an already damaged family. Lindsay Lohan’s desires to resurrect her career and herself as a stable and reformed bad girl have taken multiple hits last week because of her often bizarre and diva-ish behavior during New York Fashion Week. No one is surprised by news that A-listers like Dakota Fanning shunned Lindsay or that she was kicked out of Marc Jacobs’ after-party but the fact that she probably made out with her own mother while her young brother wished to disappear next to them is shocking to nearly everyone!

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