Lindsay Lohan Nervous Over Felony Charges

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Lindsay Lohan is said to be nervous over the felony charges she’s facing. The charges come after the starlet was accused of having stolen a $2,500 one-of-a-kind necklace from a Venice jewelry store.

LiLo, who has maintained innocence through the entire ordeal insists that the necklace heist allegations are all a big mix up. She stands strong in her defense that she just borrowed the necklace and that there’s no crime at all in doing that.

Perhaps there’s no crime in borrowing a necklace, after all stars borrow expensive pieces of clothing and jewelry all the time, don’t they? They do, but they typically make sure that they have permission to borrow it before taking the products home. It seems that Lindsay, who has said she “doesn’t do paperwork” forgot that little technicality.

In fact, the owner of the jewelry store where the alleged theft took place claims that it’s very hard to just walk out with an item that is to be borrowed. It requires a great deal of paperwork to secure the item legally. Emphasis should be put on the last word there, legally.

Whether she was the one to forget to do the paperwork, or if it was an assistant, it doesn’t matter much. It’s Lindsay’s backside on the line for the necklace turning up in her possession without the proper paperwork filed. Maybe she’ll learn how to file the paperwork herself when she gets out of jail, but for now she needs to face the music that what happened was indeed theft.

If Lindsay is convicted on the theft felony charges she can face up to three years in a state prison. It also seems that she likely will not get any breaks this time around. According to a source of Radar Online‘s she’s been warned that she will go to jail if she messes up again.

“Judge Elden Fox will also be notified once Lindsay has been charged. It’s extremely likely that Judge Fox will immediately revoke her probation again, and schedule another probation violation hearing. Judge Fox has told Lindsay in the past that if she screws up again, he will send her back to county jail, and it looks like that is a very real possibility.”

Lindsay better just accept that she’s headed to the pokey. You’ll be good friends, and you’ll spend many hours together learning what the definition of borrowing truly is.

Do you think she’ll go to prison for the full three years? Do you buy her excuse that she just borrowed the necklace? Weigh in below.

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